Monday, October 19, 2009


im in school again

spent 2 weeks assisting over @ midcoast studios shooting the harley davidson P&A that was neat, good people over there.

Been running around all over starting to shoot for my thesis, wixom, fennville, West College corner indiana. Met/re aquainted myself with some amazing people, its been a trip for sure and Im not even a third done yet. Images are looking pretty good, i am pleased.. im keeping them under wraps for the time being, keep and eye peeled for them in a month or so... 3 shots done so far... hoping to get around 12-15 all together... going to penn state to do another shoot this weekend.

Ive realized that I must be doing something that I enjoy because lately I cant get enough of it, something has lit a spark under my rear and all i want to do is shoot shoot shoot shoot... So hopefully i can start to balance my thesis work with other personal work and misc school stuff to create yet another portfolio of work, hopefully the best is yet to come...

Thats all for now, oh.. road atlanta this year was a trip, met some good people, saw some old friends and got covered in mud and soaked with freezing rain with a smile on my face, i wore my plastic bags on my feet with pride.

Check out my website and my flickr for new updates... thesis stuff soon, and hopefully some other shoots as well...

All for now i guess, falling asleep..

there pat, i updated my blog.....dick


Monday, August 17, 2009

Updates AGAIN

Well, this is my last week of work on Source Interlink (Automobile Magazine's) pay-roll

Its been a great summer, learned alot, photographed more this summer than any other in the past and it has just flown by. Its nice you know, to finally know what you want to do with your life. Im confident that I have made the right choice, because this was a great job, and I have learned alot and made some new friends. Even if sitting in an office for part of the day isnt quite my cup-o-tea, with a little work i think that I would be able to fit in on an automotive magazine staff if I wanted to supplement my freelance photography work.

Anyhow, i guess i'll talk more about this later. On to the monday morning updates

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Track Pack images and write ups are on the web. Follow the link below.
Click here

There are about 10-15 more updates to be published on the website before the years end with my images attached. And i'll be shooting more and more right up to my last day on thursday. So stay tuned, after that it will be time for a little vacation and my final year of college...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


VW CC images on web

click here

BMW X5D images on web

Click here

That is all

Monday, August 10, 2009


not only did i shoot and finally edit the images of the car above (2010 bmw m3 convt.)

My Maserati images from a while back have been posted to the web.

click here for story and images

stay tuned for for updates!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Honda Sports Car, and a Diesel BMW Truck..

2010 Bmw X5 3.5 Turbo Diesel

2010 Honda S2k CR

More Images, Wallpaper galleries and Write ups will be on Automobile at somepoint soon...


Images and Write ups of the Prius are now on the Automobilemag website

Click here for prius

Some Images and write up on the 2009 Meadow Brook Concours are on the Automobilemag website

Click here for Concours

That is all...

Images soon to come of the following.

2010 Ford Flex EcoBoost
2010 BMW M3 Hard-Top Convertible
2010 Honda S2000 CR
2010 Ford GT500
2010 Porsche 911 C2 S
2010 BMW X5 3.5 Diesel

Tuesday, August 4, 2009