Monday, August 17, 2009

Updates AGAIN

Well, this is my last week of work on Source Interlink (Automobile Magazine's) pay-roll

Its been a great summer, learned alot, photographed more this summer than any other in the past and it has just flown by. Its nice you know, to finally know what you want to do with your life. Im confident that I have made the right choice, because this was a great job, and I have learned alot and made some new friends. Even if sitting in an office for part of the day isnt quite my cup-o-tea, with a little work i think that I would be able to fit in on an automotive magazine staff if I wanted to supplement my freelance photography work.

Anyhow, i guess i'll talk more about this later. On to the monday morning updates

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Track Pack images and write ups are on the web. Follow the link below.
Click here

There are about 10-15 more updates to be published on the website before the years end with my images attached. And i'll be shooting more and more right up to my last day on thursday. So stay tuned, after that it will be time for a little vacation and my final year of college...

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