Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alot of Car for the Money

So this is going to seem rather bias i guess coming from me. So take it how you will. Anyways..

Yesterday I took out a 2010 VW CC sport, 2.0T 6spd

Fun car, thought it might be underpowered since it is using the same motor found in various smaller audi's and vws.

Not underpowered at all, very responsive, and pulls nicely, also, such a big car with a manual tranny is always a plus, makes it not just a touring car, but a nice drivers car.

The interior, albeit not real leather, a leatherette in this package is soft, doesnt make your back sweat, sporty seats with mildly agressive bolsters, very well designed, great two tone seats and carpets on the interior.

The real fact here that seals the deal that the base vw CC sport is a killer car, is the low price. The VW CC sport in the same trim level that we have is the very base model, and it starts at only 27,000.

this is one of the best4 door sub 30k sedan that i have driven, I am now hunting around on leasing availability on this car.

Just to give you a better understanding of the price..

the horrid ford fusion, posted a couple days back is a few thousand dollars more expensive.

Volkswagen Really hit the mark with this car, if you are infact looking to buy or a lease a car and this is in your price range, i urge you to do to your local dealer and take it for a spin, you will not be disapointed.

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