Monday, July 13, 2009

Cayman Revisited...

So a few years back when the Cayman originally was released i had the opportunity to take it for a spin and spend a couple days behind the wheel of it. However I did not get the chance to photograph it as i was far too busy driving it. Today I spent part of my morning photographing a 2010 Cayman S.

Despite this car not having most of the factory options, it was still a great car to rip around ann arbor. Clutch was a little mushy, but after all it is a press car, the clutch could be on its last leg. The cayman is a great little ride, much more porsche than the boxter and dare i say more porsche than some of the fat sloppy 911's that have come about of late. Its a twitchy, responsive and uber-quick little rocket, and it better be for that price tag that comes along with it.

More pictures of the car are on my website and will be on Automobiles site and Mag in the coming weeks...

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