Friday, July 3, 2009

British Name, American Design, Indian Owned, who wouldve thought...

Jaguar, a name that carries with it a history of racing glory, advanced design, and upperclass refinement, however in recent years Jaguar has become the laughing stock of performance and luxury brands in the auto industry, with substandard cars, borrowed and shared designs with of all companies, Ford. This more recent history almost drove the company out of buisness. But recently, they have been purchased as some of you know by the indian investor group known as TATA, one of the first cars that was produced under the new ownership was a modified design by ford that had never been used. TATA had jaguar amend the design and produce the vehicle, the results are astounding.

Having not cared for jaguar most of my life, i was hesitant to step foot inside this car, but once i did, I was throughly impressed. To all of the Nay sayers and jaguar haters I dare you to go take this car for a drive still have negative feelings for the car, for inside and out it is a true work of british er... um indian, art.

ladies and gentleman, here is the 2010 Jaguar XF Premium...

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